Fucking Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no stupid questions, only stupid people.  This means you.

I’m a hipster.  Are all your ingredients organic, free-range, and cage-free?

The vast majority are organic, however there’s certain ingredients, such as stevia leaf, that are difficult and expensive to source organically, so at this point they aren’t organic.  This is noted in the tea details as well as on the label.

I’m super paranoid about chemicals and shit.  Are your bags BPA-free?

Yes!  They won’t leak chemicals into the tea nor will the tea leaves ever smell or taste plastic-y. They are also re-sealable to keep in the awesome freshness.

I need your tea NOW.  How fast do you typically send shit out?

We’re pretty darn quick.  Typical turnaround from an order being received to shipped is 1-2 business days.  Read more about our shipping here.