Homemade Gag Gifts

If you want your friend or family member to have a birthday they’ll remember forever, surprise them with a homemade gag gift. You could frame a hilariously-edited photo of them, customize a t-shirt with an offensive iron-on transfer, create an edgy scrapbook with the rest of their friends or family, or make a video with funny greetings from people that know them.

I know, a lot of people, especially older folks, are a bit nervous of their birthdays (nobody likes to think about their approaching demise), so surprise them with something that will make their day more enjoyable and also give them a laugh. Give them a homemade gag gift that can remind them that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Below are some ideas for hilarious homemade gag gifts.

Frame a Photoshopped picture of the birthday boy or girl



This one usually goes over really well.  For a man, you could use a full photograph of a bodybuilder and replace the face with that of the celebrant’s. For a woman, you can use a supermodel’s body. Have it nicely framed, and they will certainly appreciate your humorous gift. Goddamnit they better!

Personalize a shirt using iron-on transfer



Receiving a t-shirt for your birthday can be quite boring, but personalizing it with a humorous one-liner can make it one of the best gifts the celebrant will receive. Choose a plain t-shirt, preferably in a color the birthday guest likes. Then, either from local specialty shops or online, buy a funny iron-on transfer that comes with basic guidelines for doing the project at home. As an alternative, you can print your special design using a silk-screen for an even more personalized gift.

Develop a comical scrapbook with their family and friends



The celebrant could probably use a good laugh on their birthday … but also on other days, too. Along with your loved ones or circle of friends, make a funny scrapbook full of their all-time favorite memories, funny one-liners and quotes, and also funny and wacky pictures of the birthday boy or girl with the group. You can even include a short story of the celebrant’s funny memories which you have witnessed or the celebrant has told you about.

Make a video with greetings from relatives and buddies



One more homemade gag gift that most people love is a video recording of greetings from their friends, family, and of course, you. Rather than recording purely emotional greetings, include something hilarious to make it more unique for the birthday celebrant. Make sure you tell the rest of the gang to stay on point with their clips. If the birthday recipient is your father or mother, ask the kids in your family to document their genuine greetings, but preferably with some humor. You may be surprised to find out that these types of greetings end up being cute, funny, and unique all at the same time. You may also play the video throughout a party to make your gift more special.

When preparing a homemade gag gift, make sure your jokes aren’t too disparaging or embarrassing.  Depending on whose birthday it is, of course 😉  If they have thick skin and love edgy humor, you can probably push the envelope pretty far. Get out there and be creative!

Modest Mike