We Make Tea

And we're damn good at it.

It’s Motherfucking Tea Time Sticker

These stickers are dishwasher safe and waterproof!

Tag up your favorite mug, water bottle and anything else you think up!

Chai F**king Harder – Spicy Chai Black Tea Blend

You wanna chai me?
Yeah you f**king do!
Drink this spicy ass chai.
Get fired the f**k up & win life.

Woke as F**k – Energizing Minty Black Tea with Ginseng

You know what the f**k is up.
You’re a f**king leader.
Hold your fist high.
You know your truth.
This tea will help you REMEMBER IT

I Heart Tea Bagging

Loose leaf tea + Muslin Tea Bag = Bagged tea. We know you fucking love tea bagging.


Filthy Mofo – Herbaceous & Floral Mix for Detoxing

You filthy motherfu**ker.
Ready to detox your bad decisions?
Repent. drink this tea.
Also, eat a f**king vegetable.

You’re F**king Awesome – Refreshing Maté Mix with Spices, Holy Tulsi & Hibiscus

Everyone wants to be you.
If someone says you’re not awesome, tell them to eat a bowl of dicks.
You rock. Drink awesome tea.

Tea Straw – Bombilla – Removable Head & Cleaning Brush

Is this the easiest tool ever for loose leaf tea? YES.
Will your tea game forever be changed with this amazing ta straw? Most definitely!

I Just Banged in Your Mouth – Lemon and mint green tea

A bright, minty, lemon green tea.
F**king delicious!
Welcome to Tasty-Land, population: your mouth.


Chill The F**k Out – Spicy Herbal Mix with Mint, Ginseng & Ginger

Are you f**king stressed?
Take a deep breath and drink this calming-as-f**k tea.
Flip stress the double-bird.