We Make Tea

And we're damn good at it.

Fat Ass

Got some jiggle you’re tired of wiggling? This blend will help with that trunk junk.

Sorry To Hear You’re Such a Pussy

You’re sick, boo-fucking-hoo. Drink this tea & quit your bitchin’!

Hung The Fuck Over

Did you party your face off? Do you feel like total shit? Is your liver giving you the finger? Get your shit together and drink this.

Go The Fuck To Sleep

Seriously. Drink a cup of this relaxing-as-fuck tea, shut down your shit, close your eyes & take some deep breaths. Done, you’re fucking sleeping.

Dumb Ass

Feeling stupid?  This shit will give your brain the boost it needs.  It’s a tea blend that’s jam-packed with herbs to help improve concentration, memory, and focus.

Pootea Tang

You fucking love chocolate don’t you?  How about some added orange for that tangy zest that your badass body craves?  You’re welcome.

Wake The Fuck Up

Get your sexy ass energized, cause you’re a fucking winner. GO FUCKING WIN! High fucking five.