We Make Tea

And we're damn good at it.

You’re F**king Awesome – Refreshing Maté Mix with Spices, Holy Tulsi & Hibiscus

Everyone wants to be you.
If someone says you’re not awesome, tell them to eat a bowl of dicks.
You rock. Drink awesome tea.

Tea Straw – Bombilla – Removable Head & Brush

Is this the easiest tool ever for loose leaf tea? YES.
Will your tea game forever be changed with this amazing ta straw? Most definitely!

I Just Banged in Your Mouth – Lemon and mint green tea

A bright, minty, lemon green tea.
F**king delicious!
Welcome to Tasty-Land, population: your mouth.


Chill The F**k Out – Spicy Herbal Mix with Mint, Ginseng & Ginger

Are you f**king stressed?
Take a deep breath and drink this calming-as-f**k tea.
Flip stress the double-bird.

Juicy Ass – Refreshing Hibiscus & Lemon Green Tea with Milk Thistle

Got extra junk in that trunk?
Need a little ‘ass’ist?
Drink this tea.
Be nice to yourself.
You’re hot AF just as you are.

Sorry To Hear You’re Such A Pussy – Herbaceous, Minty & Earthy Wellness Blend

You’re sick, boo-f**king-hoo
Drink this healing tea
Quit your bitchin’
PS. sorry you don’t feel good.

Hung The F**k Over – Green Tea, Herbaceous & Minty, Milk Thistle Mix

Party your face off?
Liver giving you the finger?
Hope it was f**king fun.
Drink this tea, make good choices.

Go The F**k To Sleep – Sweet Floral Blend with Ginger, Fennel & Rose Hips

Drink a cup of this relaxing-as-f**k tea.
Shut down your sh*t & take some deep breaths.
Boom, you’re f**king sleeping.

Dumb Ass – Oolong & Green Tea with bright herbs

Face-palm on the daily?
Is ‘uhhh’ your favorite word?
Get your head out of your ass.
Be smarter. Drink this tea.