Tea Straw (bombilla)

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Don't have time to steep loose leaf tea in a f'ing french press, muslin tea bag, tea ball, or strainer?  This tea straw will change your life.

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This tea straw (also known as a bombilla) can be used to drink loose leaf tea directly from a mug, no other bullshit required.  BOOM.

How to clean this motherfucker:

  • You can throw it in the dishwasher!  Booya.
  • Pull the goddamn bottom down to release the spring (easy to clean)
  • Rinse this mofo with hot water

More deets:

Stainless steel, spring tea straw. Made in Argentina.

How to use this tool of badassery:

  • Put loose leaf tea directly into your favorite mug
  • Pour in near boiling water to steep the tea
  • Once the tea is ready (let it cool down … duh), insert this big daddy and suck on it

1 review for Tea Straw (bombilla)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ok so at first I was hesitant, I mean who the heck drinks hot beverages through a straw? But boy was I wrong. This works, and it works great. It saves me so much time too, because I just throw the loose leaf tea into my cup of hot water, let it steep, and bam, drinky time.

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