Travel Tea Jar – Silicone Straw Lid – Wide Mouth

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Dual use! These lids function as both a straw hole tumbler lid, and also as a fermentation lid! The 10.5mm hole will perectly hold our Tea Straws.

Attach with the included stainless steel band! Unlike normal Mason jar rings, this one will not rust with normal use and is dishwasher safe.

Made of food grade silicone rubber, these lid inserts are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. Silicone is a safe, green, non-plastic (BPA free) material for food use that does not leach any chemicals.

One silicone straw hole lid and one stainless steel band / ring per order.

Lid only! Jar, sleeve & straw not included.

Pair with our Travel Tea Line – Sleeve, Jar & Tea Straw

From: Mason Jar Lifestyle


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