White Elephant Gift Ideas

If you’re scratching your head trying to come up with some good white elephant gift ideas, don’t you f’ing worry … I’ve got your back!

There are a variety of items that can make good white elephant gifts. However, I’m guessing you want to be the ultimate champion of your gift exchange party, and blow everyone away with the most badass gift ever.  So just your average nick-nack obviously won’t suffice. Here are some white elephant gift ideas that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on everyone at your party:

White Elephant Gift Ideas

$100 Bill Toilet Paper



This should make someone feel pretty fantastic about him or herself, wiping their ass with $100 bills, right? Everyone wants to feel like a high-roller while taking a shit.

Hillary, the Nutcracker



Now, we here at ModestMix try not to get political.  We hate all politicians equally.  But this is funny on so many levels. And since you’re such a badass, you don’t care if your coworkers are offended by a gag gift of a political nature. Not only is this hilarious, it actually does a bang-up job of cracking open nuts.

Pizza Cologne Spray



Hopefully this one doesn’t end up with that guy in accounting who is always stuffing his face. But if it does, hilariousness will unfold and you’ll look like an evil mastermind.

Farting Coin Bank



This coin bank with a butt where you insert the coins will definitely brighten up the mood at the party, assuming it went sour from someone else’s lame gift that was opened before yours. The best part is?  It actually makes farting sounds when coins are shoved into it.

Toilet Mug



This will make a perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your group. Nothing will turn heads more than the sight of someone sipping coffee from a toilet. It’s fucking hilarious and will hopefully turn some people’s stomachs when they see it. Winning!

A Jar of Nothing



This one is for the cheapskates out there.  You can make this yourself pretty easily.  Imagine that, a whole jar of nothing!  The perfect gift for that special someone who always says they “want nothing” for their birthday or Xmas. Give them exactly what they want and be on your merry way.

Emergency Underpants



You will be thought of as more than considerate when you bring this gift to your white elephant party. These emergency underpants come in real handy when someone loses his or her underpants, or eats some bad take-out and has explosive diarrhea (I fucking hate when that happens).

ModestMix Teas


A gift for White Elephant parties

A list of kickass white elephant gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without throwing our own hat into the right, right?

Some of our most popular teas for gag gifts are:

So there you have it, that was a shit-load of white elephant gift ideas, and most can even be considered “practical” gifts. Enjoy being a badass.

Modest Mike