We Make Tea

And we're damn good at it.

Rad As F**k – bright, tart & refreshing hibiscus mix (yummy cold-brew)

Shine your light bright
Be bold. Be bright. Be badass.
You are so fucking rad
You light up this world

Travel Tea Jar

These travel jars are perfect for taking your loose leaf tea on the go! We LOVE this jar set-up. Just put loose leaf tea directly into jar, add water, insert straw through lid, and go. Fill up your jar with water throughout the day. Boom – loose leaf on the go! Set Includes: BPA free […]

Travel Tea Jar – Silicone Sleeve – 24oz

These silicone sleeves for wide mouth Pint & Half (24oz) Mason jars add grip and padding, and they also insulate. A Pint & Half jar looks like a wide mouth pint but taller – it has straight sides. We love to use glass jars instead of plastic cups, but there is always the worry that they will end up broken on the ground. Whether you […]

Travel Tea Jar – Silicone Straw Lid – Wide Mouth

Dual use! These lids function as both a straw hole tumbler lid, and also as a fermentation lid! The 10.5mm hole will perectly hold our Tea Straws. Attach with the included stainless steel band! Unlike normal Mason jar rings, this one will not rust with normal use and is dishwasher safe. Made of food grade silicone rubber, these lid inserts […]

Badass Mofo (Mens) – bright minty green tea

He’s bold. He has the heart of a lion.
He quiets his ego and opens his mind.
He is a f**king warrior for the people.
He is kind. He is a true man.
He is one badass motherfucker.

Badass Babe (Womens) – Earthy, smooth & spiced green tea blend

She’s no barbie. She’s wonder-woman,
with a sailors mouth and a heart of gold.
She is passionate & ambitious AF.
She empowers all women.
She gives zero fucks.
She’s a f**king badass babe.

The Notorious V.A.G. – Rich Rooibos blend with Healing Flowers & Herbs

Never apologize for being a powerful f**king woman.
Even when your uterus is in a full-on rage.
This tea will help calm the storm.



Zen As F**k – Earthy & Spicy Holy Tulsi Mix

You breathe in strength
Breathe out all the bulls**t.
This om-azing tea helps you
Zen the f**k out

It’s Motherfuckin’ Tea Time Sticker

These stickers are f**king sexy!

Tag up your favorite mug, water bottle and anything else you think up!