We Make Tea

And we're damn good at it.

Dirty Mofo Tea

Dirty Mofo

Do you know someone who’s a dirty motherfucker?  Make them drink this.  It’s jam-packed with the best herbs, flowers and spices to help your body detox. Oh yeah!

So You Think You’re Fucking Awesome?

Everyone wants to be you, because you’re fucking awesome. Selfie high five! If people say you’re not awesome, tell them to eat a bowl of dicks.

Kick College In The Face

This collection of our most badass teas is perfect for the college student that wants to win at life.  There’s a tea for every problem a student might face. Fuck yeah.

Tea Straw (bombilla)

Don't have time to steep loose leaf tea in a f'ing french press, muslin tea bag, tea ball, or strainer?  This tea straw will change your life.

Lemon & Mint Just Banged in Your Mouth

A bright, minty, lemon green tea. Fucking delicious! Welcome to Tasty-Land, population: your mouth.

Chill The Fuck Out

Life can be seriously fucking stressful at times. Brew up a mug of this relaxing tea and chill the fuck out.

Fat Ass Tea bag

Fat Ass

Got some jiggle you’re tired of wiggling? This blend will help with that trunk junk.

Sorry To Hear You’re Such a Pussy

You’re sick, boo-fucking-hoo. Drink this tea & quit your bitchin’!

Hung The Fuck Over Tea bag

Hung The Fuck Over

Did you party your face off? Do you feel like total shit? Is your liver giving you the finger? Get your shit together and drink this.