We Make Tea

And we're damn good at it.

The Notorious V.A.G. – Rich Rooibos blend with Healing Flowers & Herbs

Never apologize for being a powerful f**king woman.
Even when your uterus is in a full-on rage.
This tea will help calm the storm.



Zen As F**k – Earthy & Spicy Holy Tulsi Mix

You breathe in strength
Breathe out all the bulls**t.
This om-azing tea helps you
Zen the f**k out

It’s Motherfucking Tea Time Sticker

These stickers are dishwasher safe and waterproof!

Tag up your favorite mug, water bottle and anything else you think up!

Chai F**king Harder – Spicy Chai Black Tea Blend

You wanna chai me?
Yeah you f**king do!
Drink this spicy ass chai.
Get fired the f**k up & win life.

Woke as F**k – Energizing Minty Black Tea with Ginseng

You know what the f**k is up.
You’re a f**king leader.
Hold your fist high.
You know your truth.
This tea will help you REMEMBER IT

I Heart Tea Bagging

Loose leaf tea + Muslin Tea Bag = Bagged tea. We know you fucking love tea bagging.


Filthy Mofo – Herbaceous & Floral Mix for Detoxing

You filthy motherfu**ker.
Ready to detox your bad decisions?
Repent. drink this tea.
Also, eat a f**king vegetable.

You’re F**king Awesome – Refreshing Maté Mix with Spices, Holy Tulsi & Hibiscus

Everyone wants to be you.
If someone says you’re not awesome, tell them to eat a bowl of dicks.
You rock. Drink awesome tea.

Tea Straw – Bombilla – Removable Head & Brush

Is this the easiest tool ever for loose leaf tea? YES.
Will your tea game forever be changed with this amazing ta straw? Most definitely!